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Winter is here! Keep an eye out for the road salt on your dog’s paws!

Road salt is irritating to your dogs paws and it happens fairly quick when your out for that wintery stroll.

Your pup will give you hint by limping, whining or licking of the paw. Road salt can also make their pads of their feet raw and chapped.  dog booties

Washing your dog’s paws as soon as you get home with warm water then drying with a towel can rid the pads of salt and comfort your puppy.

Make sure your dog does not lick or ingest the salt. As this could cause vomiting or diarrhea. Should you pup have diarrhea from the road salt a quick and natural remedy is to feed some canned pumpkin.

Dog booties can prevent this from happening and it could be entertaining to dress your pup up a bit!




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