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Welcome To Nature Calls Your Local Pet Service, Poop Scoop & Goose Waste Management Company

Nature Calls Pet Service is just how it sounds. When Nature Calls, We Answer® ...So you don’t have to! We are happy to service residential, commercial or industrial property. We also service pet friendly apartment complexes and parks.

What We Do

Our main service is the removal and management of Pet Waste and Goose Waste, with management being the key word, because removal is the easy part. Other companies perform the “easy part” then pass the dirty work off to a third party, which is often a taxpayer funded location.  Here at Nature Calls, we don’t believe in “out of sight, out of mind”.  It’s nice to know that the waste isn’t your problem anymore, but by making it someone else’s, is the issue really being solved?  We not only remove the pet waste, so it isn’t your problem anymore, we deal with it right through to the end!

Other services include Dog Waste Removal, Dog Walking Service and Pet Sitter / Puppy Visits. We also offer Pet Product Delivery for clients who order any of the preceding services from us. We work with you to put together a personalized schedule so that you know exactly when we will show up.

For the Pet Waste Removal service we will come to your home on a prescheduled, routine basis so you never have to scoop poop EVER AGAIN. We remove the pet waste from your property and then dispose of it properly to clean up the mess your dog left behind. We use antimicrobial solutions to clean our equipment after each use to prevent cross contamination of germs.


We're Thinking Green

We're all about green and not to mention a little brown, but with all seriousness, Nature Calls uses environmental solutions wherever and whenever we can to minimize our carbon footprint.  This website is hosted by a company that is powered by wind turbines.  We use biodegradable bags and cleaning solutions, and we are not only keeping waste that we collect out of landfill, we are diverting other material from landfill using a rapid compost method.  Our compost method also reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Feel free to sniff around, check out our Blog.

Friends Or Family Members Birthday Coming Up? Give The Gift That Keeps The Yard Looking Fresh And Clean!

Please visit our Gift Certificate page. If you purchase a gift certificate we can mail it off the next business day.

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