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Goose Waste Removal or Goose Control Methods

Using a new patented product, we are able to clean 1 hectare (2.5 acres) in less then 30 minutes, enabling us to get the job done quickly, so you can get back to enjoying the great outdoors.  Try pulling that off with a rake-in-hand!

Our Goose Waste Removal Service or Goose Control is well suited for:

• Private and Municipal Parks     Canadian goose waste removal
• Golf Courses    
• Beaches
• Outdoor Concert Venue Grounds    
• Trailer Parks
• Baseball Diamonds and Soccer Fields
• Marina’s
Hotel / Motel / Bed & Breakfast 
Private Residences
• Airports        
• Outdoor Wedding Venues
Any other green space where geese like to hang out and do their thing

How Does It Work?

The patented design has height adjustable spring loaded fingers that help “flick” material that may have settled deep into the grass. Then a height adjustable brush that spins at high speed sweeps the material up at the same time creating a vortex that propels the material into a hopper. The spinning mechanism has a built in clutch to ensure that the grass does not get damaged.

Goose Waste Health Facts

A single 20 lb Canadian Goose will deposit 1 kg (2.5 lbs) of waste per day. (Reference link)

Goose waste discourages the use of public park, and other green spaces.

Goose waste along with pet waste has been deemed a major contributor to beach closures due to e-coli bacteria. Also, Cryptosporidium (parasitic disease), Avian and Rodent Schistosomes (swimmer’s itch), and other Pathogenic Bacteria can be present in goose waste. (Reference link)

Canadian goose waste is high in nitrates which damages grass and contributes to nutrient contamination of our waterways eventually leading to algae blooms.  Algae blooms disrupt the health and diversity of fish, plant and animal populations in the aquatic environment. Some types of algae (blue-green) can also contain compounds that are toxic to humans and livestock.

Goose waste has been identified as a source of contamination to drinking water supplies. In addition to bacterial contamination, high nitrate levels in drinking water can cause Blue Baby Syndrome in infants which is a serious condition that can lead to death.

What Can You Do To Control Canadian Geese? Goose Repellent Not Required When There Are Natural Effective Methods Available

There are things that you can do to manage Canada Goose populations between cleaning periods and help the environment at the same time.  The two methods below in green are considered to be the most effective, humane, and environmentally friendly ways to keep Canada Geese away.

Stop All Feeding

If feeding the geese is commonplace, there is no point in trying to keep them away.  Canada Geese do not need to be fed.  Natural foods are abundant.  Have you ever heard the term “If you feed them …they will come”, or wait, maybe we got that term wrong, either way, its true.

Altering of Habitat

Since a highly managed green-space near water is the ultimate hang out for geese, the best choice is to change the surrounding green-space adjacent to the water.  Allow native grass, shrubs, and trees to grow adjacent to the waterbody.  The vegetation must be high enough and dense enough that the geese cannot see through it from the water.  There natural instinct is to not wander through the vegetation because there could be a predator lurking on the other side.

Nature Calls is working in collaboration with Green side up environmental to offer the alteration of habitat by changing the surrounding of the hang out spot that geese flock to.

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