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One Of Our Favourite Clients Will Be Missed

The most interesting part of my pet service business is getting to know my clients and their pets. Dr. Carol Cowell and I Tom Baczynski hit it off right from day one! 
Our conversations were always interesting and I found it fascinating how my clients enjoy providing input on direction or ideas for
my business and future plans.

Carol & Cody


Alternatives To The Landfill?

So we've been in the pet waste removal/disposal business for a few years now and the idea of an alternative to disposing of dog poop in a green manner has been on my mind since day one. So what are the alternatives to using disposing the dog waste at the landfill? dog waste solutions




Companies Focus on Modern Pet Services

Here we are show cased on Trupanion's blog. Trupanion is North Americas leading pet insurance company and they kindly wrote a little article on Nature Calls Pet Service. Ontario Dog walkers

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