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Pet Waste Removal Info

For most, our service is a weekly scoop-up visit billed monthly, but we are happy to tailor our services to your needs ‚Äď weekly, twice weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even one-time cleaning for events, move-outs/ins, etc. Whatever your needs are we will make it work.

Residential servicesPet waste removal (Residential)

Nature Calls pet waste removal for residential properties is based on a fixed rate as seen on our pricing page/chart.

Our residential pooper scooper service includes:

  • A fully insured and uniformed Nature Calls employee to canvas your property and remove all pet waste and small trash
  • Gates closed properly upon entering and exiting your yard.
  • Equipment disinfected before and after use to eliminate the possibility of spreading parasites or diseases
  • Notification about anything unusual with your dog's stools

A call ahead before your Scooper Trooper arrives, available upon request.
No contracts to sign - Cancel at anytime.

To request this service CLICK HERE

Pet waste removal (Commercial)

Commercial ServicesCommercial service would be considered a business or a high pet traffic area such as apartment communities/buildings, condominiums, dog parks, city parks, veterinary clinics, campgrounds, RV parks, hotels, groomers and doggie day care, etc. Commercial service is not based on a fixed rate and an appointment for a quote would be requi red.
We would be glad to assist you with our service.

To request this service CLICK HERE

Why consider our service?

Most importantly, we keep your family and pets safe by keeping dog poop out of your yard.
paws Help keep your property and the environment clean by promoting responsible dog ownership.
paws Our friendly Scooper Troopers are committed to making your life more enjoyable by minimizing your To Do List.
We offer everything your dog needs so you can leave your home knowing that he/she is well taken care of.
We are reliable, fully insured and professionally managed.
We are not fans of on-going contracts. You can cancel at anytime.

Did you Know? Click here to read our "Did You Know?" information flyer.

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