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Alternatives To The Landfill?

So we've been in the pet waste removal/disposal business for a few years now and the idea of an alternative to disposing of dog poop in a green manner has been on my mind since day one. So what are the alternatives to using disposing the dog waste at the landfill? dog waste solutions




Well here is what I am aware of:

1) Dispose the dog waste at the sewage treatment facilities

2)  Turning dog poop into methane by using a biogas digester

3) Dog poop wormery to create compost for flower gardens

4) Incinerator? hey we are getting one in town after all...might as well put it to use

Now here are the downfalls that seem to be hindering my ability to go green (in order as numbered above):

1) All other matter other than pet waste must be removed before the sewer treatment facility will accept the waste. So that means that all rocks,sticks,bags and other items must be removed by hand unless there's some kind of poop sorting machine out there?

2) Great idea but again can only be raw waste, biodegradable bags and is expensive to purchase a biogas digester. Then you need somewhere to store it

3) Another interesting idea but where can I store 2000-3000kg of dog waste a year? I would also have to make sure that the surroundings would not get contaminated.

4) I was never a fan of burning the rubber tire or anything other than wood at the campfire...STINKY!


All ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated?

Thanks for reading our blog.




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