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Common Methods Of Disposal For Pet Waste

So What Are Others Companies Doing With the Dog Waste?

Other companies are passing your pets waste off to one of the following locations:

Landfill Site (Waste Transfer Station)

90% are taking it here.  When organic material is buried it will create water as a by-product.  As this water passes through the layers of other material in the landfill it creates a toxic liquid referred to as leachate.

Sewage Plant (Waste Water Treatment Facility)

These facilities have stringent guidelines to abide by with regards to the final discharge, however here is what happens with pet and other animal waste: First off, the cost to handle and treat waste at a landfill is a bargain when compared to a sewage plant. Much of the hard dry waste disposed of at a sewage plant is screened out at the beginning of the process so that the material does not damage or plug equipment.  The screened out material is then sent to landfill.  Also, the properties of the material (high biochemical oxygen demand or BOD) could disrupt the sensitive biological treatment process at the facility.  Many sewage plants will not even accept this type of material.

Municipal or Private Compost Facility Operating Under Municipal Contract

Many compost facilities are unable to accept manure type waste due to their site operating permit (MOE Certificate of Approval). Manure could also disrupt the process of materials that they are accepting on a regular basis. The cost to manage waste at a compost facility is similar to the cost to manage material at a landfill.

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