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Nature Calls Pet Waste Management

Almost every company that offers pet waste removal service will remove the waste then pass it off to a third party for management.  This third party is often a taxpayer funded location, so in addition to the price you paid to have the waste removed - you the taxpayer will pay millions of dollars per year for the management and final disposal of the material.  Not to mention, the environmental implications of these Disposal Locations.

Nature Calls will remove the waste and compost it with a proprietary blend of materials that would normally be destined for landfill.  We will be utilizing a patented rapid compost system to achieve this task.  Then the following season the high grade compost / fertilizer can be offered back to the community or our clients.

Unlike your backyard compost bin, composting pet and animal waste is nothing short of a science.  Mother nature’s rules of composting are:

The proper carbon / nitrogen ratio must achieved - The proper C/N ratio cannot be achieved with just pet and goose waste. We had to come up with a custom blend of materials to create the correct ratio.

Moisture content must be maintained between 60 and 65% - Most of the waste that we collect has a moisture content of 20%, which is another reason that we had to create a custom blend of materials.

Constant aeration of the material is required to prevent the material from going anaerobic and turning septic.

The proper pH must be maintained through the entire process.

The temperature must be kept consistent for a certain period of time to have effective pathogen kill – Our compost system will maintain this temperature even during the coldest winter nights.


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