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As a value-add to hiring our services, we are happy to help you out with small pet-related odds and ends. We call these “Favours” as we only do them for our clients and friends.

Most favours are free, check them out!

Pet Waste Removal

  • Removing small trash that may be lying around your yard (Free)
  • Let your dog(s) out to play or relieve themselves while we clean your yard ($5 Per Visit)

Dog Walking/Pet Home Care

  • Incorporate training into the walk. Simple commands such as: Super bark, High five, Sit, Heel, Shake a paw, Down, etc…(Free)

  • Provide food and water (Free)

  • Eye drops or pill administration (Free)

  • Clean up after the little rascals (Free) but no guarantees due to the severity of the mess and as your pet could make a mess after we leave…
  • Provide them with hugs (Free)

  • Take them for a swim or walk through a nearby creek (Free)
  • Wipe off their paws when they get home (Free)

  • Run, jog or roller blade while out on our adventure (Free)
  • Leash training (Free)

Delivery of Pet Food and Other Products

  • We can deliver anything that you would like from your local pet store ($7 per trip)



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