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Pet Home Care & Puppy Visits Info-FAQ

How does it work?

We receive your request for service and then we set up a date for an in home 10-20min consultation to discuss the detail of your service and provide you with a chance to meet us.

In order for us to provide your dog with home care service we would require access to your home, whether that may be a pass code to the garage door or a spare key that it totally up to you.

Can you provide my pet with food and water?

Yes we can. During our consultation we will ask you where the food and water is located.

Where do you walk my dog?

For any of our homecare services we would walk your dog in your neighborhood or a nearby park, forest or creek. Unless otherwise requested.

How long is a walk?

Walks for our homecare services are short as the visits are only 15-20min.

If my pet makes a mess will you clean it up?

Yes we can clean up the mess that your pet makes as long as everything we need is available.

Eg. Garbage bags, paper towels, spray cleaner…

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