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Dog Walker Service FAQ

How does it work?

We receive your request for service, and then we set up a date for an in home 10-20min consultation to discuss the detail of your service and provide you with a chance to meet us.

In order for us to take your dog out we would require access to your home, whether that may be a pass code to the garage door or a spare key that it totally up to you.

Where do you walk my dog?

On a private walk we would walk your dog/s through your neighborhood or through a nearby park, forest or creek. On a group walk we would take you dog/s to the farm lot that we rent so that the dogs can run around and play off leash. Or we take them for an on leash stroll by the lake, through a park or forest.

How long is a private walk?

Private walks are for as long as you order them. Even If we take your pet for a drive to a nearby forest or creek with your permission.

How long is a group walk?

Although we bill as an hour group walk, the group walk could range from 1-2 hours. This would depend on where we are going for a walk that day and where the dogs are located in that days group.

What kind of dogs will my dog be walked with?

Friendly dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes! We don’t allow for dogs with short temperaments or aggressive dogs to participate in our group walks.

Can you provide my pet with food and water?

Yes we can. During our consultation we will ask you where your pets food and water is located.

How do I know my pet is safe?

On all of our walks your pet will wear a Nature Calls ID tag with our contact info shall your pup run away. We can also Call or text message you when we drop your pet back off at your home.

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