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Dog Shows & Pet Events For 2011

We love our pets show (Sunday September 25th 10AM-5PM)2011 pet events

2nd annual we love our pets show located in Oshawa, Ontario at Durham College - campus recreational and wellness centre (corner of conlin road & simcoe st north)

Durham Pet Fest (August 27th & 28th 9:30AM-4:30PM)

Cullen Central Park, Whitby, Ontario
380 Taunton Road W, L1P 2A9


One Of Our Favourite Clients Will Be Missed

The most interesting part of my pet service business is getting to know my clients and their pets. Dr. Carol Cowell and I Tom Baczynski hit it off right from day one! 
Our conversations were always interesting and I found it fascinating how my clients enjoy providing input on direction or ideas for
my business and future plans.

Carol & Cody




Getting your pup ready for the rainy mucky weather to come


During the winter to spring months your pup can get pretty dirty from just going for a brief walk down the street.

Local dog walkerWhich can lead to searching for a deal on rain wear.



Alternatives To The Landfill?

So we've been in the pet waste removal/disposal business for a few years now and the idea of an alternative to disposing of dog poop in a green manner has been on my mind since day one. So what are the alternatives to using disposing the dog waste at the landfill? dog waste solutions




Dog Scared Of Thunder Or Fireworks

2011 is the year to aim not just for a well trained dog, but one who is behaviorally well.  We all understand (or most of us anyway) the concept of physical wellness, but how many look at the behavior of our animals as being part of what makes them happy and healthy?

This post will address one portion of this, dealing with certain fears for dogs.

Dog scared of fireworks





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