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Pickering Dog Waste Removal & Poop Scoop Service

Nature Calls Pet Service is just how it sounds. When Nature Calls, We Answer® ...So you don’t have to! We are happy to service residential, commercial or industrial property. We also service pet friendly apartment complexes and parks.

Nature Calls offers dog waste removal in Pickering and poop scoop service with the intention of eliminating a task from our clients to do list and providing a green service by composting your pets waste.
Our goal is to provide our pet waste removal clients with fertilizer, up to 25% of the volume of dog waste collected.

pickering dog waste removal

For most, our service is a weekly scoop-up visit billed monthly, but we are happy to tailor our services to your needs – exchange a bucket, weekly, twice weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even one-time cleaning for events, move-outs/ins, etc. Whatever your needs are we will make it work.

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pricing page.

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Why consider our service?


Most importantly, we keep your family and pets safe by keeping dog poop out of your yard.
paws Help keep your property and the environment clean by promoting responsible canine waste removal. 
paws Our friendly Scooper Troopers are committed to making your life more enjoyable by minimizing your To Do List.
We offer everything your dog needs so you can leave your home knowing that he/she is well taken care of.
We are reliable, fully insured and professionally managed.
Nature Calls composts your dog waste to avoid disposal at the landfill.
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