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Getting your pup ready for the rainy mucky weather to come


During the winter to spring months your pup can get pretty dirty from just going for a brief walk down the street.

Local dog walkerWhich can lead to searching for a deal on rain wear.



From fleece lining to doggie umbrella’s, there are so many choices. So we have gathered some tips to help you through your search for doggie rainwear.

Make sure your dog can tolerate wearing doggie clothing. Some dogs cannot stand it and end up tearing it off right away or freezing on the spot and starring at you until you remove it. So do some tests with cloth and tape before you make a big purchase.

Waterproofing is a must. You can buy doggie clothing that already repels water and muck or you can buy pet friendly spray. I know when I take my dog in from a walk the last thing that I want to do is wipe her dry with a towel. That’s never fun!

If you are shopping online (btw ebay seems to have a vast amount of doggie clothing) make sure you check out the shipping & duty costs before you make your purchase. Sometimes it may be a good deal, often you see items sold for $1 but then the shipping is $29.99, add the shipping costs and it’s not such a good deal anymore.

Hopefully some of these tips can help you through these wet winter months while we patiently wait for the nice weather to arrive. Then it will be time for a new summer wardrobe …...puppy sandals!!



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