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Poop Scoop Service

Providing a professional poop scoop service can be a messy task as there are many variables to consider as you could imagine when it comes to environmental laws for disposing of dog waste. This why Nature Calls Pet Service is here to help and serve in the dog poop disposal and dog waste pick up business. When nature calls, we answer so you don’t have to!

Unlike most companies we are trying to be green and innovative with our dog waste disposal methods. Currently we are researching three options being anaerobic digestion of dog waste to reduce green house gasses along with any pathogens that may be leaking into our water table as pet waste takes up about 15% of our landfills.

The second option is to compost the dog waste and provide it back to the community as nutrient enriched fertilizer for our clients. The third option would be to liquefy the dog waste and dispose of the dog waste at the sewage treatment facility.

While on our clients property it's our job to make sure all of the dog poop is picked up and as alawys we would be quite, kind and courteous to our clients property, neighbours and pets.

Upon arrival and departure the gate would be double checked to ensure that it’s locked.


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