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Puppy Sitter

Puppy sitting is always exciting as puppies are curious and playful. Being a puppy sitter means to be watchful of every move as the pups are at a stage where being destructive to their home and property is fun!

Helping our clients with basic puppy training tips while being a home dog sitter is our value added service that we provide at no charge. Getting our clients puppy used to a routine and rewarding for good behaviour is probably the best part of the pet service as it pays off in the long run and alleviates pet training pressure from our customers. A typical pet sitting visit would consist of feeding the puppy, making sure it drinks some water, letting the pup out to relieve Itself and of course cleaning up if there is a mess in the house from any mishaps.

Since this is an in home dog sitting service and in some cases house sitting service.

Security is always our number one concern and so, for security precautions we always lock the door after we have entered your home to ensure that no one can follow an employee inside the home and always double check that the door(s) are locked when leaving.


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