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Professional Dog Walker

Walking our client’s dogs for a living is much more than walking behind a leash and getting out for some exercise together. As a dog walking or pet sitting company there is much liability at stake and being prepared is the most important factor before going out for stroll with one of our clients pups.

Our number one concern is the health and safety of your pet along with the security of your home. Some of the precautionary measures that we take are to ID your dogs with a dog tag when out for a group dog walk, we also buckle your pets in by their collars to insure that they don’t jump around the vehicle when transporting pets.

For security precautions we always lock the door after we have entered your home to ensure that no one can follow an employee inside the home and always double check that the door(s) are locked when leaving.

Being a dog sitter sounds easy enough but as we know most dogs have an extremely keen sense of smell and because of this we always have to be on our toes to keep an eye out for what’s ahead. Also when walking a clients dog on a leash the pups are excited to be out an about most of the time and don’t pay attention to their surroundings as much as they should. So watching out for hanging license plates from vehicles so that the puppies don’t injure themselves, bikes, vehicles and broken glass is top priority.

Dog behaviour can be unpredictable so while socializing our client’s dogs is important but watching for signs of unwanted behaviour is just as important. The last thing we want is a fight to break out or one of the pups to feel like they’re not a part of the pack. This is why it’s important to constantly keep interacting with the dogs while out on our group dog walks.

To summarize being a professional dog walker or dog sitter takes an extremely responsible individual as safety and security are top priority for our client’s beloved pets and their home. Dogs are able to sense if you are a dog person and enjoy their presence so it’s important to not try and fool them as the walks may not go as smoothly as expected. Building a relationship or friendship with our client’s pets and being in tune with the dog and our surrounding is a part of the gig.


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