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Dog Tricks Are Fun!

Ever wonder how your friends got their dogs to learn so many neat tricks, well here are some tips!


Here's an easy one: Every time your dog licks your face, say, "Give me a kiss. Good boy! Give me a kiss." If he isn't a licker, put a little peanut butter on your cheek and say, "Give me a kiss." When he licks it off say, "Give me a kiss," again.


Tricks like this work because you put words with something your dog does. Pretty soon your dog hears "Give me a kiss," and thinks about licking your face. Then you give him a hug, rub his ears and say, "Good boy!" Dogs love that.


1. Good management skills: Puppies can get into trouble very quickly. A new puppy owner needs watch her puppy all of the time. When you can not keep an eye on your puppy, it is a good idea to use some type of confinement. Such as crates. A crate is a great way to manage your puppy’s behavior when you are not home.


Dog Food Advisor

Maybe it’s just me, but with all the information out there about dog food… why is it so darned hard to figure out which one to buy?

Shouldn’t choosing dog food be a whole lot easier?

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